BAM Graphics Consulting

Retain Your Own Team

Most businesses would like to have ongoing marketing services but aren’t ready to take on marketing staff. Most either try to do the work themselves or piece together various marketing services. We allow our customers to retain services at reasonable rates by committing to blocks of time for most of our services. This method also allows us to prioritize time for your business as if you had in house staff.

Benefits to You

  • Professional Support

  • Peace of Mind

  • Cost Savings

  • New Technology

  • Remote Meetings

  • Dependability

  • Timeliness

  • Friendly Help

What Services

  • Graphic Design

  • Web Development

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Print Advertisement

  • Video Editing

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • WordPress Assistance

  • Marketing Consulting

Managed Time

We use time tracking software to itemize the time spent and provide you a summary log of the time spent and a description of services.

How Much?

Normal pricing is $65 per hour (more on more technical services). When you retain us for blocks of time of 10 hours, we will set your rate at $50/hr. $150 savings.


Customer Websites

Rainbow of Louisville

Rainbow of Louisville provides sales and service of the world “best” vacuum. Check out their website to learn about the problem you have and how they provide a solution.

Free VIP Quote

Free VIP Quote is an Insurance company in Rockford Illinois. Established for over 10 years.

Tiny Tennis

Rainbow of Louisville provides sales and service of the world “best” vacuum. Check out their website to learn about the problem you have and how they provide a solution.

Ernie’s Print Shop

Ernie’s Print Shop has been serving businesses for over 60 years. Located in Louisville, KY, it provides a wide range of printing needs.


Carpet-Commander is a Louisville based company providing natural and dry carpet cleaning services.

Eli Wesley Trucking

Eli Wesley Trucking

Husband and wife team started delivering loads in 1973 and since then built a successful family trucking business.

Troy Built Auto & Marine Service Center

Troy Built Auto has over 20 years of experience in Auto and Marine repair. It’s Louisville owned and operated and looking to service your needs.

America’s Finest Design

A local Christian-based company here in the Louisville community with over 15 yrs of experience.

Pete Coons Auto

A family owned auto repair and collision service center in Crestwood, KY. Established for over 30 Years.

All Our Clients Can’t Be Wrong

“It was a pleasure working with BAMGC for our website design. Gus delivered on all of our expectations, creating a well-designed site, optimized for our business’s needs. We couldn’t be happier.”
“My site is better then I expected!!!! I increase my customer list just making this change. Thank you Gustavo for understand my needs. ”
Eduardo C., VJ EddieMix
“A quick note to tell you how much I appreciate all the help you’ve given me. There are times when I feel absolutely lost with all this technology, small things but things that can bring work to a halt which obviously isn’t good. I also appreciate your patience which is so necessary when someone is trying to grasp something new! Not only have I found it difficult to find anyone who will make themselves available to help but I’ve also found it difficult to find anyone with the knowledge to actually help. In you, I’ve found it ‘all-one-stop shopping’ I guess and very much appreciated! My increased productivity thanks you!”
“Gustavo Castillo is an accomplished professional. Gus not only created my website but took the time to provide additional information designed to promote the speaking ministry. His professional knowledge in the area of web design and graphics is impeccable along with his personal friendship which is worth mentioning!”
“BAMGC will continue being our choice for all our websites needs. Our service has always been consistent and to our satisfaction. More specifically, Gus’s adroitness is one of a kind. He has made it exciting to work with by always being on the up-and-up with the new features and tips available in the world of website development. By understanding our business, he has known how to translate those features into benefits and turning our ideas into reality.”
“I would highly recommend Gus, he is a true professional. Gus is a progressive thinker and will always give the client more than they need. Gus is reliable,trustworthy and dependable, he will always go beyond expectations to help the client.”
Sheri D., 502 Insider