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I was recently complemented on my website, I was told, “Your website is so unique”. I immediately responded, “if you need a website, contact BAMGC!”.

It was then, that I realized that I’ve been with BAMGC for over 7 years!  I have seen them adjust, and keep up with the ever-changing world of websites. My website has had many face lifts, and I’ve been very happy, every time. I literally have, a one-of-a-kind website.  My website is fully customizable, it connects to my social media pages, it has a built-in blog (which is social media friendly), and it is mobile friendly – which really helps with SEO.

Since I have seen the huge benefits of having a super dynamic and responsive website, we came up with a simple way for me to recommend their website packages. Gus, from BAMGC, has allowed me to share an exclusive discount with anyone I know looking for a new website.

I would really appreciate you taking a few minutes to review this offer, even if you don’t need a website, you might know someone who does – and I get a referral credit, just for you reviewing the complete offer!  Again, this is an exclusive promotion with huge savings, and I know it will be great for your business.

Best regards – Oscar

I was recently complemented on my website, I was told, “Your website is so unique”. I immediately responded, “if you need a website, contact BAMGC!”. –  Oscar Castillo

What is BAMGC?

As conveyed by our referrers, they are happy with our services because we truly go out of our way to deliver a product that works and is also custom designed to their preferences. We have 10 years of experience on the Internet and designing websites that are cutting edge. Meeting all the current Internet guidelines is complicated unless you are in the business, so we pride ourselves with staying on top of these changes. Our focus is to be able to provide the level of consulting that addresses all your marketing needs.

Please take a moment to watch our brief video below. If you have the need for a professional website, please submit your information in the form and we will provide a complimentary video consultation

Referral Offer

    Customer Websites

    All Our Clients Can’t Be Wrong

    BAM Graphics Consulting has always been able to provide exceptional result and service. Their level of perfection is one of a kind. Detailed oriented to the point that their work is never complete until they have exceeded my expectation – they truly strive for excellence. Thank you for you top-level of service throughout the past 8 years!!
    Oscar C., Free VIP Quote

    “BAMGC will continue being our choice for all our websites needs. Our service has always been consistent and to our satisfaction. More specifically, Gus’s adroitness is one of a kind. He has made it exciting to work with by always being on the up-and-up with the new features and tips available in the world of website development. By understanding our business, he has known how to translate those features into benefits and turning our ideas into reality.”

    Oscar C., Kardio-Xercise
    Attention to detail is top notch. Everything they do is very professional.
    Kelly R., High Power Technical Services

    “Gustavo Castillo is an accomplished professional. Gus not only created my website but took the time to provide additional information designed to promote the speaking ministry. His professional knowledge in the area of web design and graphics is impeccable along with his personal friendship which is worth mentioning!”

    Kendall D., Planting and Watering

    My business was struggling with what type of online marketing to do and how we were going to get reviews from our customers without spending large amounts of time in doing so. Gustavo showed us an automated way to get reviews fast and I couldn’t be happier. If your looking to grow your business I highly recommend Gustavo at BAMGC.

    Greg G., Hayes Local Marketing

    Since 2001 I had been working on duct taping pieces of (multiple) malfunctioning website ideas, both for automating my company’s sales intake & for integrating my customer service & outgoing marketing for the dream of “simplifying” my busy life. Not being a good technology guy but always working off of a shoe string budget I kept letting the damn integration process remain useless & out of reach! BAM Graphics has taken care of educating me to truly simplify my operation for my client relationship between vendors, referring source & even my LinkedIn partners. My marketing is working like never before, in fact unlike I had ever imagined! Now I’m proud of my website presence & my clients, family members, or employees refer to it constantly & also prefer to refer my services to their friends or colleagues via my LIVE & instant Twitter feed, Facebook participation or direct. I have never enjoyed my business growing like this & I’m ecstatic & glad to be a small business owner again!

    Jose C., Reach Equity Group

    Thanks Gus! U did a great job and I really appreciate the time u spent helping me with my design!

    Matt D., America's Home Design

    “My site is better then I expected!!!! I increase my customer list just making this change. Thank you Gustavo for understand my needs. ”

    Eduardo C., VJ EddieMix

    “A quick note to tell you how much I appreciate all the help you’ve given me. There are times when I feel absolutely lost with all this technology, small things but things that can bring work to a halt which obviously isn’t good. I also appreciate your patience which is so necessary when someone is trying to grasp something new! Not only have I found it difficult to find anyone who will make themselves available to help but I’ve also found it difficult to find anyone with the knowledge to actually help. In you, I’ve found it ‘all-one-stop shopping’ I guess and very much appreciated! My increased productivity thanks you!”

    Fran K., Kennedy Marketing Partners

    “I would highly recommend Gus, he is a true professional. Gus is a progressive thinker and will always give the client more than they need. Gus is reliable,trustworthy and dependable, he will always go beyond expectations to help the client.”

    Sheri D., 502 Insider
    I have had two previous web designers tell me how amazing my site would look and perform once they were finished. In both cases my site was no where near what they had promised. BAM went above and beyond to create a very professional and user friendly site that also incorporated important aspects that helped with my organic placement on Google. I have referred several friends to BAM and each one has been very pleased with their results.
    Mark M., Falls City Contracting

    “It was a pleasure working with BAMGC for our website design. Gus delivered on all of our expectations, creating a well-designed site, optimized for our business’s needs. We couldn’t be happier.”

    Jac M., MassCorp, Inc